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1880's Cast Iron Over Mantel Mirror


Zinc- Leaded Thermal Glass Windows style 3


Zinc- leaded Thermal Glass Window Style #2


1970's Smithway pump!


Need ideas to get started using salvage? Try a Salvage Kit!

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Primitive Horse Drawn Buggy


1920's French Art Deco Cabinet with hand carved details, beveled glass, and a marble top.


Frank Lloyd Wright Style Brightly Colored Stained Glass window #1


Need ideas to get started using salvage? Try a Salvage Kit!


Zinc- Leaded, thermal pane glass style #1


Salvaged from Hoquiam Lanes, these pieces vary in size and lumber type. Pieces are mixed pine and maple for durability, flexibility, and strength while you toss 6-15 lbs. balls on them! Would make perfect countertops, furniture pieces or perhaps, even reused as flooring?


**Please call the Seattle location if you are interested - multiple pieces and sizes available - (206) 624.4510. Thank you!**

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